Advice for Walking into the Forest

If you walk far enough
into any forest
there is a darkness
that you will come to,

and that darkness
knows well what it knows.

That the same darkness exists
inside of the same forest
inside of you.

The darkness
has the strange, wondrous
ability to ask you
without speaking,

how will you enter me?

You may think it is light
that absolves the darkness
but that is not so.

Light is but our loveliest way
of deferring the truth of darkness.

You may think it wise
to try to show the darkness
that you can outdark it
but this is not so,

for the darkness speaks
and has always spoken
with the same tongue
that lives in the deep hollow
of your mouth.

There is nothing really
but to sit with the darkness,
to listen to the pain
that exists within its shell,

that same pain
that in aching time may birth
a reverie,
or a war,
or a garden,
or a winter.

It is there
that an old language
is birthed into the light,

the light
where you will carry with you,
like a torch,
the darkness of you,
the darkness of everything.

day #9 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: Aruna Anoop

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