On Seeing Kid Cudi Wearing a Dress on SNL

Big hallelujah,
to see
a rap song
wrapped in

The male heart
is not a machine,
but a tulip garden
like any other,
and there has been
far too many soils
tilled into dust storms
but not watered into
full, unapologetic

My three decades
before me.

Bars broken
down by vines,

as gentle
and inevitable,
as roots through

An answer to
a masculinity
I couldn’t see in
a mirror.

An empty bottle
repurposed eternal
into a vase.

A rhyme
that doesn’t bite
but sings.

Inside of me,
a cage door opens,
a bluebird sings,
before becoming
a new sky,

and ready to be
in any color
in any moment.

day #10 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: davisuko

3 thoughts on “On Seeing Kid Cudi Wearing a Dress on SNL

  1. This is a phenomenal poem, Brice! Even though you are talking about men, as a woman, I can relate a great deal as well. The freedom we experience when we no longer care about conventions is amazing. I think that after a certain age, it becomes easier. Self-discovery often takes a while to blossom. The second paragraph is my favorite part of your poem.


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