Away Message (OOO)

I am sorry to have missed you.

I will be out of the office from April 9th, 2021
until these dreams decide to return me
to my body.

Can your message wait?

Can it wait forever?

When did you last leave this digital box
to untending?

Let go so the wild weeds of the internet
can take hold of this white space?

A memorandum can be a beautiful thing.

It does sometimes
take red eyes burning past five
to heal this second world
that some of us
have collectively chosen to nurture.

Where is your away message
 for a moon,

hanging on by a thread of light,
for you to share your best notes
on how to move through its shadow?

There is stars unaccounted for,

and dynasties of madness
awaiting a whistle you didn’t know
belonged to you.

There is sheep
              in need
                             of humans
              to count
to sleep
              to dream
                            their strange,
sheepy dreams,

where time is an ugly word
and lunch is when you’re hungry,

and love is mud and wondrous,

and tomorrow is swept
into the mouth of the whale
that lives in your belly,
desperate to be fed fish
that science has no names for
and science that fish have no need for.

The mathematics
of forgetfulness,

the elevator pitch
of stairs that lead to nowhere.

That is where you can reach me.

If you need assistance while I’m away,
I have listed below the appropriate parties
to contact.

day #12 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: Sharon McCutcheon

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