rocky mountain national park, april 12 2021

rocky mountain national park

april 12, 2021

the fire took too much

of me and (you may not know it) but of you

and the fire took too much and most of all of the trees

the trees look like scratches across a bad page of paper

i no longer have the luxury of getting lost until i find myself

because the trees are gone now

they did not opt to leave

or die of old age and back into the ground that is also them

the birds are gone

the ground is as empty as a modern promise

the sky is still there

holding clouds like it’s setting food for a table of no one

and no one is there to see it

the everyone that once loved these trees like an old friend

or a lover

or an elder or a godparent or holy enough a tree

the everyone has left with the debris of the trees that don’t speak

and that no one seems to speak for

and the lush forest of my lungs was built on the memory of this place

and now the lush forest of my lungs feels like a never

my heart feels like a black key on an old piano that doesn’t play a single sound

and barren is no longer a word but a place

and humanity is no longer a dream but a natural disaster

i cannot unpass through the death of this something that gave birth to me

i cannot unfeel this fire

the wisdom of dead trees is not a hum but a memory of a hum

that once lived longer than any of us will without it

day #11 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: Brice Maiurro & Shelsea Ochoa

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