Notebook Fragments

After Ocean Vuong

Fist fighting a ghost.

The war on Christmas.

The man who unburied
his mother.

Kanye West meditates.

Tennis game with Caravaggio.

Will not write a poem today.

Looking around the room
I realize that I am in fact
all seven of the people
in the room.

$500 dog, $1 conversation.

Presidents don’t sleep.

I am beautiful
and so can you.

I drank the free whiskey.

The improperly jigsawed
puzzled piece.

Sympathy for jellyfish.

Late career comedian.

Happy pilot plane crashing.

Guy sees something on TV
and tries it in real life
to different results.

Todd who wants to do

Nihilist birthday card.

The okay canyon.

People respect you a lot more
with a bouquet of flowers
in your hands.

St. James Hotel Fire

Why do people move to Denver?

Some houses speak languages of love.
Some speak survival.

I’m not crying listening to Adele
at work.

Larry David Seinfeld moment.

Casa Bonita art.

Boy boy obscurity.

Death is this little girl.

The news.

Driving by dinosaur park.

Transmission to Gary Lee
wherever you are.

Are you so afraid
of the love
of an intelligent woman?

Colfax was made for marching.

It’s a strange country
that worships the father
and bastardizes itself
every chance it gets.

A culture with no dancer.

On the other side is love.
On the other side is love.

Life is a beautiful
and fucked up place.

day #14 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: Jack B

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