In Bloom

There is nothing
quite like witnessing
someone you love
in the unabashed summer
of their best life.

A human in bloom,
wearing their best dress,
dancing to their favorite song,
and singing every line
of their favorite song
like a door swinging open
revealing the secret key
they’ve carried inside
for too long.

This is what we want
to believe that Death
will stand down to,

and often Death does,
but too often Death
takes the song
along with the door
and the key.

There is no accounting
for a reckless wind
that blows in on the lift
of our collective pain,
and sweeps us away,

so thank you
for doing that bravest thing
of being exactly the human
that lives inside of your heart,
banging away
the shadows of any doubt.

day #20 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: Birmingham Museums Trust

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