He Fired His Gun

He fired his gun, and his entire body was overcome with power. He was enraged to find the strength he’d always imagined he wielded but never had the proof of. Staring down firmly at his hands his fingers crawling inward into grip he saw the hand of god before him. I am become predator, swallower … More He Fired His Gun

Strange Ceremonies

His coworkers were worried by him. The way he would disappear to the window around noon to stare for what felt like timeless hours at the orchid while it soaked up the sun placing his hands on each side of the vase closing his eyes with intention and humming. It was ritualistic in an otherwise … More Strange Ceremonies


You’ve caught me in your net, my dear. I’m not struggling I’m just begging for more food. I’m napping and dreaming of never leaving your doorstep. I’m napping and dreaming of your blood running down my chin. I’m chaotic neutral punchy dry lovely motherfucker these days. The way I smile around the grocery store with … More WOLF.

Good Question

What has your heart? What has the keyring with innumerable different keys to different chambers of your heart? What holds your moon in your sky? What kisses you like comfort? What floats above your bed at night? What burns up the back of your eyes? What sugar do you taste on your tongue? What love … More Good Question