Clown Singing Opera

A short book of poems and stories. In Clown Singing Opera, Maiurro guides us through a surreal world. A husband decides to become a dinosaur. A man refuses to paint portraits of the living. A poem is swept away by an unexpected windstorm. It’s not over though until the clown sings opera.

Hero Victim Villain

“Maiurro spills his mind onto the page with fervent energy, chasing after each notion through a series of rabbit holes as though it may never run its course. In his characteristic narrative prose style, he brings together a seemingly paradoxical combination of grim confessionalism and romantic idealism while inhabiting a surrealist world—a recognizable-yet-dreamlike corner booth of Denver, Colorado, where canaries swallow fire and poets swallow cities, where cities are moving, breathing characters comprised of the people who reside in them, and where people can make their blood stand still if they follow his directions…”

Stupid Flowers

“In a playful, often humorous way, Maiurro effortlessly draws on the strange, the surreal, and sometimes the intangible to create the most beautiful and magical imagery.” -Ann Reads Them

“So much of this poetry book is absolutely gorgeous, but not in any way that could be remotely considered typical.” The Book Raven