If this is in fact a simulation,
it is a pretty beautiful one.

bees still form complex systems
of drones and queens,
nursery bees and undertakers,
all in the name of that sweet moment
of diving headfirst into
the perfect pollen.

            there are thousands of porchlights
            lit up each night
            like a song for the safe voyage
            of walkers and dancers
            through the last breath of a long day.

                        where bells toll for pleasure
                        after centuries of having to keep
                        the time.

where friends hold hands
beneath a bridge in the Brooklyn
of the west.

            where if you ask the internet nicely
            it will sing you gently to sleep.

                        where your lover
                        keeps interrupting your poetry
                        with her poetry
                        and your collective laughter
                        interrupts the both of you.

This is the where I wish to be in,
plugged in, dosed dizzy,
and fully, fully alive.

day #6 of #nationalpoetrymonth | Cover image: Rodion Kutsaev