Brice Maiurro is a child of tree cities and digital mountains,
the sacred and the profane,
the sound and the fury.

One past life up on a crucifix.

Another as the getaway driver.

Yet another as a sun for an empty planet.
In this life, he is enjoying just shining for himself and hoping that some of the glow rubs off onto you.

He eats his multi-grain Cheerios with almond milk and a giant spoonful of everloving gratitude.

He is a hallelujah chorus of dying bees buzzing around a landlocked state, looking for honey.
(The real stuff, not the fake sugar cancer.)

He is the Founder, Executive Director and Managing Editor of his dreams.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of heartache as medicine,
love as language
and laughter as much more than funny.

His work has been featured in The Denver Post, Boulder Weekly, Be About It Zine, Birdy Magazine and Cherry Magazine, which showcases pop fiction and cat photos.